New Website!

Based on my own template engine

After using Symfony 2 recently for work, I decided it's time to write my own web framework for!

Symfony is very powerful, but also has a lot of strange design choices that get in the way. It is a really complicated system and there are things that just don't work leaving you to solve problems with hacks, rather than straightforward code. Computer programming, at its core, is about expressing what you want to do as clearly as possible. If you can't do that because of some artificial limitation, then it never feels great.

I've started off with a simple template-based language for representing the View part of my framework, alongside a Controller implemented in Python using a traditional class hierarchy. The template language is based on Symfony's (who in turn copied Django's). It doesn't support a lot of boolean evaluators yet - I will add them later as I need them - but it has loops and conditionals and does a lot of stuff that I think is already pretty cool.